MakerPlot Has Been Upgraded to Include:

  • Com port selection up to 256

  • Improved stability

  • Wider device interoperability

  • Multiple serial ports allowing data from multiple sources to be plotted and logged simultaneously.

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Introducing MakerPlot 

MakerPlot is Windows® software for plotting analog and digital data generated by your microcontroller and other devices with ASCII serial outputs.  No proprietary hardware is required – just a serial connection from your microcontroller or other device to your PC – that’s it!  

MakerPlot has been called Graphical Data Acquisition and Control for your Microcontroller and Imagination due to the powerful interactions available between the micro's firmware and the PC software. 

With dozens of meters, buttons, switches and text boxes you have full control of the screen interface design and how information is displayed, plotted, logged to files, printed and more. 

Your microcontroller also has the ability to read information directly from the interfaces for interactive measurement, plotting and control.

The ability to design a customized GUI interface for monitoring your data combined with the ability to program your microcontroller to interface directly and simply with the GUI is a powerful combination for a developer.

We named it MakerPlot for those “Makers” desiring to create simple yet powerful interfaces for their projects and products, either for monitoring data and/or with control actions that affect the GUI and a user's experience with it.

But there’s much more to MakerPlot than that…

Most Popular Micros

MakerPlot is compatible with most popular microcontrollers that output serial asynchronous data at standard Baud rates in the conventional RS-232 format including serial-to-USB devices like those from FTDI and MicroChip.  These include Arduino®  shields, PIC® , PicAXE® , Basic Stamp® , Propeller® , BasicX® , Intel, Motorola, TI, et al. (trademarks for these products are property of their respective companies).   And there's no proprietary hardware required.



Custom Interfaces

MakerPlot is software that allows you to build custom interfaces to measure and control the analog and digital data from your microcontroller. 

With MakerPlot your PC now becomes a laboratory instrument.


Each interface screen can be created with dials, meters, buttons, switches and message areas that display and control your micro’s data and internal functions.

Meters can be configured with alarm settings (both high and low) then made to sound audio tones using any WAV file you select from the library.  

You can even program MakerPlot to display interfaces screens like this directly from your micro's serial port!

Use any of our interfaces that come standard with the software or create your own...that's the power of MakerPlot. 

 Messages & Alarms

Text messages and audio alerts inform you when data conditions meet or exceed your settings. You can even set min and max alarm points on meters to alert you by playing WAV files of your choice.


 Your Choice of Meters, Switches, Buttons, etc.

Many meter styles are available – horizontal, vertical, square, round and with choices of color backgrounds that can correspond with your interface color scheme or alarm conditions.  

As shown here each meter has a drop-down menu to configure it for scale, alarms, labels, ticks, background color, decimal precision, etc.

Interface screens like these with meters, buttons, text boxes and drop down menus are built with simple text-like instructions called macros.  There are many example macros for you to use and learn from in order to create your own. 


 Extensive Menu Controls

Easy to use menu controls like the one below allow adjustment of the baud rate, comm port, data format, X and Y axis scales and labels, data logging, screen capture and printing and overall screen settings.  Plotting can be in seconds, minutes, hours or in real-time (HH:MM:SS - MM:DD:YY) – all menu selectable - and clickable.   Use our standard menus like below- modify them -  or create your own from scratch!

Analog & Digital Data Plotting

Combinations of analog and digital data can be plotted as moving-line graphs and displayed in text boxes and on meters. 

Programmable Input Data Scaling

Analog data can be scaled (multiplied and biased) as it arrives BEFORE being plotted, so the raw results from an A2D converter sample can be plotted directly as voltage, current, temperature, etc. in whatever units it represents with no pre-processing by the micro.  And you can select the plot colors of up to 10 analog channels and 32 digital plots. 


 Plots All Types of Sensor Data 

MakerPlot can handle all types of real-time sensor data like temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, voltage, current, resistance, liquid levels, solar radiation, wind speed, switches, relays, solenoids and any other analog and digital data you can think of. 


With MakerPlot if your micro can measure it and serially output it - you can plot it, log it, capture it as a jpg image, print it and interact with it.

 Interfaces with Compatible Devices

MakerPlot can interface with devices like voltmeters and GPS receivers that output ASCII serial data.  


MakerPlot can also parse the data stream from these instruments and extract only the data you want to display and plot.

Bi-Directional Interaction With Your Micro

Your micro can both send to and read back the values of your screen’s meters, switches, text boxes, etc. to allow two-way communications between your PC and micro.  We have an entire section of our documentation devoted to  this feature.



Besides hobby applications MakerPlot is ideal for Process Control, Robotics, Circuit Board Diagnostics, Engine Monitoring, Water Quality (pH, ORP), Air Quality (SOX, NOX), Bodily Function Monitoring, Scientific Experiments – the list goes on.


Think of MakerPlot as a Windows® supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) application for monitoring and control of devices through a serial connection.

Data Logging and Data Playback

Analog and digital data can be logged to standard .txt and .csv files and be exported into spread sheet programs like Excel ©. 


There is even a Player function that can playback the latest data on the screen for immediate inspection and analysis.  These player files can be stored as .plt files for later analysis and playback.   View how the Player function works in our Basic Plotting Video Tutorial Series.

Drag & Drop Interface Creation

MakerPlot uses a "drag-and-drop" screen design where you configure what you want your plots, meters and menus to look and act like  --then add Event Code to the controls (as they're called) to make them do what you want them to do.

MakerPlot's interface development time is dramatically reduced due to its ability to build, edit and test  interfaces "on-the-fly".  There is no disconnecting, compiling, uploading etc.   You'll appreciate this and the other development features when you begin your own "maker" efforts with MakerPlot.

Video Tutorials

Check out our extensive Video Tutorials on the menu at the left for help on learning the basics and advanced elements of MakerPlot



Laundry List 

Works with ANY micro that outputs ASCII serial data including Arduino®  shields, PIC® , PicAXE® , Basic Stamp® , Propeller® , BasicX® , Intel, Motorola, TI, et al. (trademarks for these products are property of their respective companies).

·   No proprietary hardware required – just your micro with a serial connection to your PC

·    Accepts, configures and plots ASCII data from the microcontroller and many other devices like GPS receivers, volt meters, data loggers, etc. via a serial/USB connection

·    Supported Data Types

o        Analog  

o        Digital

o        Graphic Drawings

o        Text Messages

·    Total of 100 data points – combinations of analog, digital, others

·    Plot up to 10 channels of analog data

·    Plot up to 32 bits of digital data

·    Ability to perform string parsing directly on received ASCII data to extract live data within the text string (ex.  From the message "Voltage is 4.23 volts" MakerPlot can extract the voltage value 4.23 as 4 characters beginning with the 12th character in the message string)

·   Create custom interfaces with multiple plot areas, meters, gauges, text boxes, labels, buttons & LEDs

·   Choice of dozens of realistic graphics for meters, switches, LEDs, sliders, etc.

·   Logging of analog and digital data to files (txt or csv)

·   Log files can port directly to Excel ® with CSV data files

·   Easy, built-in scaling and mathematical operations on in-coming analog data for plotting directly from raw A/D output values that are converted to voltage, current, pressure, etc.

·    Bi-Directional communications and control for full interactive data processing:

o   Micro to MakerPlot  - Create switches, text boxes and messages on the interface screen through control instructions from your micro's serial port. 

     Your micro can send data and control commands to MakerPlot for processing, and this can include graphical displays, metering, visual and audio alarming and advanced math co-processing.  

     Whatever you can do to configure MakerPlot on your computer with your keyboard and mouse, you can also do "directly from your micro" via its serial link.

o    MakerPlot to Micro  - Update variables in your micro by reading them from meters, switches, text boxes and other interface screen controls. 

     In addition, you can program MakerPlot's "virtual buttons and switches" to send on/off commands to control your micro's hardware for true bi-directional control. Use MakerPlot as your micro's control panel.

·    Numerous graphics and drawing instructions are available to create custom screen interfaces for your exact application.  Create thermometers, fluid flow diagrams and other custom graphics that interact with received analog and digital data.

·    Build and configure any combination of meters, switches, text boxes and other controls for any application

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